Garry Adamson

Leighton Herdson

Leighton Herdson



Garry is a leading CRM/Data & Insight marketing expert with over 25 years’ experience including 15 years in the sports and leisure industries.

He has worked with a number of sports organisations such as Manchester City, The ECB, Reading FC, Arsenal FC, AS Monaco and Silverstone. 

He began in the Automotive sector learning operational management techniques such as Lean Thinking and Kaizen and continuous improvement. He successfully founded & led 4Sight Sport & Leisure in 2012 delivering services around ‘activation’ of CRM & data marketing strategies.

Garry has an MBA from the University of Liverpool.

He is  a dedicated Bolton Wanderers and England Cricket fan and plays many sports, including cricket.

Leighton Herdson

Leighton Herdson

Leighton Herdson


Leighton's first career and passion was within the cut and thrust of sales before moving into digital marketing where he worked for and provided consultancy services to a number of clients across a number of different sectors  including sports and leisure, training and seminars. 

His focus over the past 2 and a half to 3 years has increasingly become more on mergers and acquisitions and investing in small to medium sized businesses.  Leighton also owns companies in the Interior Design sector.

He doesn't have much time for hobbies at the moment as he has 2 young children age 2 and 5.